Bujumbura, Burundi.

Bujumbura, Burundi.


Like the world around us, my writing is honest, tough, gritty and confronting.

- Ali MC

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Ali MC is currently working on a second full-length book, Tail Eat Snake, a rock-n-reggae journey throughout Aboriginal communities in the deserts of Australia.

Along the way, Ali confronts a personal legacy of colonisation left by his grandfather: first contact, stolen children, attempted assimilation and a radical conversion that would change everything.

Tail Eat Snake is scheduled for release in 2020.

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Ali MC ‘s articles have appeared in publication such as Al Jazeera, the Guardian, NITV and Right Now Human Rights.

His recent work has covered the Rohingya Refugee Crisis, LGBTI rights in Timor-Leste, post-war reconstruction in Sri Lanka, and numerous Indigenous issues both in Australia and internationally.

Often accompanied by remarkable film photographs, Ali’s work sees him push the boundaries of what we know about the world around us, often at great personal risk.

The Eyeball End

Beginning with an acid-fuelled night in the Kimberley, the first decade of the 21st century sees Ali MC travelling the globe in an attempt to understand the forgotten corners of the world.

From the streets of Hanoi, to the genocide of Rwanda, the war in Lebanon and voodoo ceremonies in Haiti, Ali MC is beaten and shot at as he travels the globe in an attempt to better understand the so-called Third World.

Described as a ‘punk rock travel book’, The Eyeball End steps away from the safety net of well-worn travel guides, taking the reader on a challenging journey into the human condition. 

The Eyeball End is currently available as a free download.

An encounter with worlds that most of us only glimpse on television news. - The Age

I’ve have never felt more disappointed than when I flipped the page to find the book has come to an end. - Abe Nouk, spoken word artist

The Eyeball End may blur the lines between gonzo journalism and personal memoir but definitely takes no prisoners. - Writerful Books

School on a hillside in Murambi, Gikongoro province, Rwanda. Site of a Tutsi massacre in 1994.

School on a hillside in Murambi, Gikongoro province, Rwanda. Site of a Tutsi massacre in 1994.


Author presentations

Ali MC is available for presentations on his writing and photography, incorporating music, spoken word, discussion, and Q&A that invites the audience to participate.

Ali MC covers themes including the ethics of travel, refugee experiences, civil war, human rights, and the West’s response to the so-called ‘Third World’. 

He also discusses the writing process, plus his experience going from DIY self-publisher to gaining national literacy recognition. Contact Ali MC about presentations here.

Your presentation … was totally inspirational. It was easily the largest crowd assembled to hear a speaker of any kind at our library… We were richly rewarded.

- Inverloch Library

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